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Factory directly supply Education Required For Graphic Designer Rendering - PTW-Wuhan Sports Park – Infinite

The overall style of the campus strives to be classic, elegant and inherited for a hundred years, adopting the neoclassical architectural style. The public sports facilities on the modern university campus carry the important functions of serving the teachers and students of the campus and the surrounding residents. What is required is pluralism, compounding, inclusiveness and humanity, creating a leisure and entertainment space that can serve the public. While relieving the pressure of teachers and students on work and study, it also reflects the responsibility of a responsible university for providing public services. Similarly, the opening of sports facilities also determines that this gymnasium will become the focus of attention in the region, beyond the cognitive scope of the campus, and naturally become a window for the school to show its charm and culture. Our design focus is to transcend the external and find the internal, introduce the International Campus mode and advanced design concept under the appearance of new classical architecture, not only to meet the functional requirements of physical training proposed by the school, but also to become a city living room where teachers, students and citizens can relax and exchange activities. The second is the volume combination: Although the stadium does not require the arrangement of audience seats, there are many kinds of sports functions, which put forward different requirements for the height, size and other dimensions. How to integrate the horizontal and vertical space of the venue, indoor and outdoor space, create a sports and leisure space with reasonable functions and multiple and rich space, improve the internal charm of the building, and also improve the design A big point of quality. The last part is interior design: how to properly integrate the classical and elegant facade modeling of the outdoor and the colorful and dynamic design of the interior, how to create an interior environment with matching temperament, modern fashion, strong sports atmosphere and cultural heritage, and how to reflect the inclusive and humanized care of different activity groups in the design details?

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