Why did the international architectural firm choose the Chinese CG team to be the partner of the international competition?

In the recent review of the international competition for conceptual schemes of landmark buildings in Quzhou City, the cooperation scheme between SOCIETY PARTICULAR and Beijing Zuocheng Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd was selected as one of the winning schemes. The wonderful architectural visualization works have attracted many attentions. Follow [Youth Architecture] Lets walk into the production team behind architectural visualization INV CG

SOPA-無境视觉-衢州地标国际竞赛 (6)(1)SOPA-無境视觉-衢州地标国际竞赛 (11)(1)

Q1: Can you briefly introduce INV CG?


The co-founder of INV CG has been in the industry for more than ten years. After staying up late with customers and helping colleagues to change images after project complaints, the status quo has remained unchanged for more than ten years. He decided to make some changes for the industry and customers, so that customers can reduce the time to supervised image production, so that colleagues can continue to grow, and polish good works in a limited project cycle, so in 2019, INV CG was founded in Beijing, focusing on providing renderings for customers of domestic and foreign architectural design companies who are mainly engaged in bidding competitions, Animation, multimedia overall solution. Business in more than 50 countries around the world.


Q2: What kind of design company is SOPA? Why did they choose you to cooperate in the Quzhou landmark competition? What did you do for the project?


SOPA (Society Particular) is a lean international design team focused on exploring architecture as a medium between society and a particular domain. Their own visual expression ability is particularly strong. The renderings of the 146th stage of this competition is rendered by themselves, so they are particularly cautious in the selection of architectural visualization companies in the final stage: their European office chose a top Spanish rendering company, the Beijing office chose INV CG after checking the reputation of many industries. Create both sides in parallel. We thank SOPA for their trust and their strong professional recognition. Finally, our service attitude and works have also amazed European designers.

SOPA-無境视觉-衢州地标国际竞赛 (8)(1)

After receiving the invitation, our overseas department and SOPA agreed on a project kick-off meeting two days later. During the visit, we showed our company’s overall solution for bidding competition visualization, and formulated a node task list based on the closing time. The differentiated production process was recognized by the SOPA design team, which also increased their confidence in this cooperation.


Q3: In this project, how do you understand the solution designed by SOPA? How are they communicated to you?


In the early stage of the project, we first sent a project inquiry letter to SOPA. The main purpose of the inquiry letter is to understand the project information, including but not limited to design concepts, project formats, etc.; after replying to the inquiry letter, we communicated with customers on key information, learned that the focus of the project is to focus on the harmonious coexistence of architecture and the environment. On the basis of respecting local culture, differentiated innovations, with a unique appearance, winding small streets and seamless connections of double-storey commercial streets, show the Attention to detail and intuitive grasp of spatial composition.



Q4: What is the cooperation model with SOPA? Were there any differences of opinion along the way?


Unlike most architectural visualization companies on the market, we will start model work after the customer receives the bidding information, make the environmental site and current situation model around the project in advance, after the customer provides the scheme model, the model will import the data into MAX and directly hand it to the post-production team, so that the model and the post-production synchronous work, after getting the model dimension, send the project inquiry letter to the customer, after understanding the basic information, start to create on the angle, composition, picture atmosphere, and send the conceptual sample to the customer before fixing the model. After the customer gets the idea sample, communicate with us, after determining the angle and atmosphere, the model is basically set at this time, and then the final model is directly out of the later sample after getting it, until the sample is adjusted to delivery.


Then in fact, the differences are not counted, it can only be said that playing different roles has different perceptions, we don’t think we are both A and B, I think we are a community, play our own areas of expertise. Designers may have their own unique ideas and creative concepts, and understanding the designer’s works and design concepts is the basic condition for improving the intention of the designer. When there are different opinions on the project, we can communicate with the designer and find the appropriate way to express it. We usually reflect the designer’s intention through some surface elements. For example, by choosing the appropriate perspective, scene and scenery to highlight the theme or key point that the designer wants to express, make reasonable arrangements in the composition and design of the visual work.


Q5: Are you satisfied with the final result this time? Are there any regrets?


We are satisfied with the final result, but we can definitely do better, after all, this project is based on bidding as the ultimate goal, and we will still consider many aspects according to the type of project and the acceptance of the judges. If it is for the purpose of publicity, we may have more space to play, and we may be more open and bold in creation.


Speaking of regrets, it may be that there are some wonderful vertical composition works, because of the video and text horizontal composition and can only be abandoned, both sides are struggling, clearly knowing that some compositions are a little bit of the whole picture, the spirit of the whole picture drops a lot.

SOPA-無境视觉-衢州地标国际竞赛 (4)(1)SOPA-無境视觉-衢州地标国际竞赛 (5)(1)

Q6: Can you describe in detail the idea of creating a few architectural visualizations?


1. The display of the façade, the winding alleys, and the seamless connection of double-storey commercial streets are like a sail opening up. Reflecting the majestic, shocking and spectacular nature of the building, in order to create a commercial, lively and ecological public area, we added a lot of atmospheric swings and lush plants to decorate, enriching the scene and reflecting the climate and geographical location of the south.

SOPA-無境视觉-衢州地标国际竞赛 (2)(1)

2. The winding stone path, in it, the garden scenery slowly unfolds like a picture scroll, making people experience the beauty of rhythm and rhythm. In the style and rhythm of the building, the strategy of “cloudy and soft” was chosen, minimizing direct sunlight exposure, showing a cordial and gentle feeling.

SOPA-無境视觉-衢州地标国际竞赛 (1)(1)

Q7: Which other well-known design companies have you cooperated with? Can you share some other works?


Are you sure you want to ask this question? Hah, there are many answers. At present, we are cooperating with well-known architectural design institutions around the world, mainly state-owned architecture enterprise, master architecture firm, Beijing Office, Shanghai Office, top overseas architectural firms, etc. , but I will not mention the names, because there are too many, if I cant list them one by one, it will hurt the customers who have not been mentioned, so I choose not to nominate this sub-point question. In addition to the current overseas and Beijing clients this year, Shanghai and Shenzhen are also setting up studios at the same time. I think that where there are high-end clients, there should be a shadow of INV CG, because the quality and trust of us.

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Q8: What kind of architectural visualization work is considered good?


I think that a good visual work is first of all the designer’s satisfaction. It is necessary to accurately reflect the designer’s intentions in the work and understand the creativity, ideas and design concepts he wants to express. Secondly, it must be satisfied by the creator himself. When creating each picture, he will pour his own creativity and ideas into it. If he doesnt agree with it, then this is definitely not a good work. Finally, it is an excellent picture composed from an angle , Material texture, color light and shadow, background arrangement, space level, story atmosphere and other aspects have in-depth research, then it is an excellent creation. He can have a picture soul, he can hook your eyes at once, and he doesn’t want to leave and has endless aftertaste. It can be said to be slightly drunk, that’s right.


Q9: What is the corporate culture of INV CG? Does INV CG have any vision and plans for the future?


There is an old Chinese saying: Be a man first, and then do things. I think this is even more so when it comes to being an enterprise. It has responsibilities to the society, customers, colleagues, and family. From the very beginning of its establishment, INV CG has set to become a CG enterprise that is respected and affects the world as its corporate vision; and Basis: Combining CG technology and art to create top works in the industry, to realize dreams for employees, to forge ahead with the mission of creating eternal value for society, and to serve every customer with the values of attitude, professionalism, efficiency, innovation, and happiness.


At present, we have three main business segments: digital cultural tourism, exhibition display and visualization. We will respond to the call of the state and work hard to promote the real economy, promote high-quality rural development, and rely on tourism to stimulate the supporting industries of food, clothing, housing and transportation. If We will be very pleased to be able to solve some employment problems and help existing local governments and scenic spots to upgrade with our meager efforts; for the future of visualization, we actually hope that everyone must first stand higher in order to hope for a better future. Far, the industry has experienced more than 20 years of development, and more companies need to make innovations and changes to meet the current economic situation and customer needs. The original intention is always to help customers solve problems and upgrade value, rather than looking for customers to take how many projects for the target. To let Chinese brands go abroad and step into the world, INV CG  has cooperated with many overseas customers from its establishment to the present. At present, its business covers more than 50 countries around the world. Many countries know us, accept us, respect us, thank you!

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