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Given the valley’s extreme climate, it was critical to have an ‘enclosure-first’ approach to ensure energy efficiency and outstanding comfort. Employing the Passive House standard, we applied a two-layer approach to the enclosure—an outer heavy timber frame acts as shield, resisting the weather, while the heavily insulated inner layer acts as the thermal barrier. To make certain the house functions with exceptional thermal performance and air tightness, we conducted detailed thermal modeling of each weather condition. With the addition of double height glazing opening the home up to the valley’s incredible views, the home has achieved PHI Low Energy Building certification.<br />
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Propelled by the project’s remoteness, we designed to express a distinctive performance led aesthetic that is deliberately authentic and unsentimental. Focusing on the essential characteristics of the building, the home embodies a simple aesthetic through a restrained material palette and edited architectural features. Unexpected and unique, the interior of the house features only six materials with douglas fir celebrated throughout as both structure and finish. With a commitment to promote health and well-being, we purposely chose materials that were reviewed against our Precautionary List rounding out our holistic approach to sustainability by eliminating harmful substances.

Wellington Ranch-New Zealand