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THAD-Zhuhai Project

Project Name: Zhuhai Yinkeng Island

Client: THAD

Type of project: Culture, conceptual, competition,

Concept: A silver ore on the peninsula

Based on the principle of ecological priority, and from the perspective of "dissolving tides and floods, preventing wind and waves", scientifically arrange several major functions. One places the iconic building, the Cultural and Art Center, on the north side of the site, facing the Tortoise and Snake Island, avoiding the typhoon and rain with the dominant wind direction in the southeast, and at the same time being close to the main urban area to facilitate the daily cultural life of the citizens. The second is to raise the site, repair the beach, and improve the ability to resolve the combined tide and flood disasters. The hotel and the cultural and art center are located in three venues, dialogue and coordination with each other, while fully respecting the texture and scale of the existing venue.