Three years of sedimentation, a strong CG company growing against the trend

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The official account of INV CG is officially launched! (The QR code is at the end of the article)

All the staff of INV CG wish you good health and prosperity in 2023.

INV CG was officially established in Beijing in April 2019. The company takes creativity as the core, takes market demand as the guide, and aims to grow into a respected and influential CG enterprise in the world. It uses realistic architectural renderings, multimedia, and animation works to bring customers the ultimate visual experience.

As we all know, in the construction industry, architectural design visualization works act as a communication bridge. It allows customers to understand the basic information about the building more quickly and clearly before the building is constructed. It can also help designers improve the accuracy of the design through realistic presentation.

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Sketch provided by client

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Preview by INV CG

However, in actual projects, especially in international competition bidding projects, the time reserved for renderings, animations, and multimedia production is very limited. Due to various uncertain factors such as the short production cycle of the project, the adjustment of the design of the work, and the adjustment of the presentation angle, during the production process, the 3D artists are busy with drawing, unable to think more deeply and assist the architectural designer more efficiently; while the architectural designers also have to spend more time and energy, and even use the rest time after get off work to follow up the production of renderings, animations, and multimedia.

In order to change these status,INV CG broke the rules and made some changes.

In order to create a better cooperation experience, INV CG team has turned passive into active, listened to the real needs of customers, and launched a new model of cooperation process for architectural design visualization projects - Three Drafts.

The core purpose of the cooperation mode of Three Drafts is to reduce the problems of architectural designers "staying up late to communicate and modify renderings" and "communicating renderings takes a long time" in the process of architectural design visualization, and to bring more designers from renderings, animations , "Liberated" from the production of multimedia

The advantage of going through three drafts is that it can save designers 2 to 3 days of time. When the traditional rendering process is still making models, INV CG can already provide a brainstorming sample of the perspective composition and atmosphere of the rendering.

Before the start of each project, INV CG has already started to fully research the basic information of the project (such as project attributes, regional climate, plants, environment, etc.). After the cooperation is confirmed, the internal team can start working immediately. Based on the professionalism and project accumulation of experienced 3D rendering engineers, supplemented by the checks of various key points by senior project leaders, give full play to the professionalism in various fields, and actively provide customers with the best composition, atmosphere, mood, angle, etc. Purpose of Alternative Solutions

Display of results at each stage:

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Step 1: Brainstorming draft

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Step 2: Preview

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Step 3: Final image

Starting from improving its own professionalism, INV strives to become the most trustworthy partner of customers with the most sincere cooperation attitude, thinking about what customers think and what they can do.

INV is composed of a group of people who have been deeply engaged in the architectural design visualization industry for 10+ years and are passionate about architecture and architectural visualization industry. In the past three years, from the perspective of solving the pain points of the industry and improving service quality, INV has gradually implemented the "three drafts" cooperation model.

Through repeated cooperation, INV has won the support of many partners with its strength and professionalism. Up to now, INV has served 500+ clients in 50+ countries around the world, and has established close cooperation with UNStudio, Gensler, SWA, AECOM, MAD, Kengo Kuma, Aedas, SOM, DP Architects, Perkins Eastman, Hong Kong Leigh On, ALA, CRTKL, Zhongyuan International, Extraordinary Architecture FCJZ, ZXD Architects and many other well-known architectural design firms. The affirmation of each partner is the greatest affirmation of our strength and efforts.


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It is very difficult to break the rules and challenge the rules, but we firmly believe that there are more possibilities for change and creation. We have also been thinking about how to improve technology, whether there is a new technology to solve problems faster and better, how to make customers' projects better presented, how to solve industry pain points, how to improve technology and create greater value... ...

INV CG team is willing to empty their past achievements, open themselves, feel the changes in the world and listen to the real needs of customers, and be a real creator.

Just like the name of INV CG, in the realm of nothingness, everything can be born from the heart, and in the invisible and boundless, thousands of shapes can be born suddenly!

INV CG, creating all things in the boundless

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Post time: Feb-05-2023

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