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IPPR-Shenzhen Conservatory of Music

Project name: Shenzhen Conservatory of Music

Client: IPPR

Type of Project: Public area, Interior, Competition

Concept: Gao Shan Liu Shui implies the utmost understanding of “music” in Chinese culture.
The lush forest hills and clean lakes create a perfect setting to design the conservatory around this shared ideal of harmony, found both in music and landscapes. This campus is a landscape in itself, built up from the best elements of what already exists on the site. The channel is transformed into a lush river, gushing through stones, under bridges and past low-lying willows. The campus itself is then built around this river like a small valley town, with its most active parts opening up directly to the riverbed and the more private parts of the campus climbing up towards the peaks. This undulating mountainous form protects the inner valley from the traffic noise. Instead, the natural sounds, such as the sound of the flowing water, create the ambient background for the campus.