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forest landscape design techniques and the linkage of urban landscape and cultural resources to build a harmonious living environment that integrates culture and city, industry and city, and scenery and city.After completion, the park has not only become a good place for citizens to relax and exercise, but also play a positive role in enhancing the comprehensive carrying capacity and competitiveness of Nanbu County,as well as promoting the fast development of the county economy. In view of the current waterfront scenery belts that focus on wetland construction, the lack of transition from inland to riverside vegetation has led to the emergence of strong traces of design belts along the river and lack of focus on landscape ecology, the Yuji Island Park project ingeniously completed the transition zone design with primary forests, replanting forests, artificial plantations and characteristic landscape forests, perfectly realizing the conversion from native to artificial landscape. The traditional waterfront area emphasizes the ecological construction of the wetland system, and the liquid bubble ecology and self-purification system of the waterfront wetland are achieved to the extreme.However, in the process of gradual transformation from wetland ecology to forest ecology, it was blocked by urban roads and riverside dikes. In the traditional design, the method of separating the three areas of tidal flat virgin forest, bank replanting forest, and blue-green plantation forest is of little help to the water ecology.Due to the characteristics of the developed root system of plants, certain powerful tree species will erode to other spaces that were originally intended to be separated on a large scale, and the final result is an environment that cannot withstand time to wash. The carefully selected plants have constructed an ecologically-based civic activity space with a complete natural pattern, rationally arranged functions and spatial layout, and rich landscape and plant systems.The design integrates and considers various factors such as the original site, design style, seedling resources, etc., and embeds the change and invariability in the design thinking, and finds the most suitable location for growth and viewing for each piece of vegetation.For tourists, the moment they arrive is the most beautiful time.

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